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Even if you are unsure whether a residential treatment program is the right choice for you or a loved one, Watershed offers the ability to consult with one of our experienced staff over the telephone.

A call to our helpline on 1800 818 872 might be the first step toward breaking an addiction.

While there are a few steps to the process, it's designed to get you or a loved one into the appropriate level of treatment as quickly as possible.

Once the initial inquiry regarding admission is made, our staff will talk with the prospective client to begin the general assessment.

During that assessment, we will evaluate their individual substance abuse, mental health and medical condition. Based on the assessment outcome, Watershed staff may provide appropriate advice and referral should we ‘not’ be able to meet their required needs.

Next, our clinical and medical staff will review each individual case against our Criteria for Admissions. If the prospective client meets the qualifying criteria, treatment at Watershed will be offered.

At Watershed, we schedule and accept qualified admissions Monday to Friday.

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  1. Desire for Recovery:
    Clients should demonstrate a strong willingness to participate and complete the 4-week residential program
  2. AGE:
    15 years and older
    Individuals assessed as chemically dependent, addicted to alcohol/drugs and/or co-existing mental illness (dual diagnosis).
    Dual Disorder clients stabilized on medication and meeting admission criteria will only be accepted for detoxification and rehabilitation.
    Clients must be physically able to participate in all aspects of the treatment program.
    Alcoholism, drug and other addictions and related disorders.
    Prior to entry clients will be asked about their medical and physical history. We may also request information from their physician if there are any medical constraints to participating in our treatment.
    On arrival the client will visit our doctor for a minor medical check.
    Severe psychiatric disorders, including psychosis and severe clinical depression, which may require hospitalisation.
    Chronic predisposition to destructive, aggressive or violent behavior incompatible with a group living environment.
    Acute or chronic medical conditions requiring constant medical attention or hospital care.


You have just made a very important decision, one that will affect the rest of your life. In order that you come prepared and know what to expect, Watershed has compiled the following information that will be helpful in planning for your treatment experience.


Clients pay a nominal fee which covers food & board. This fee can be taken as a percentage of their Centrelink benefit. Our admissions officer will provide this information on contact.

Watershed acknowledges the traditional custodians of country and their continuing connection to land, culture and community. We pay our respects to elders past, present and future.

Watershed holds accreditation with the Australian Council on Health Care Standards (ACHS).

Formerly: Wollongong Crisis Centre

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