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  1. Limited amount of clothing, as we have laundry facilities to wash clothes. All clothing should be appropriate and in good taste (no depictions of sex, drugs or alcohol)
  2. Personal care products (tooth brush, shampoo, conditioner, razor)
  3. Bathing suit (one piece for women, board short style for men)
  4. Jacket and sweater
  5. Gym clothes and athletic shoes
  6. Current prescriptions in original bottles (see medication below)


  1. Valuables, jewelry, etc.
  2. Laptops (unless approved)
  3. Guns, knives or any other weapons
  4. Illegal substances
  5. Over-the-counter medications, vitamins, herbs, or nutritional supplements.
  6. Any items containing alcohol such as mouthwash, perfume, cologne, etc.

Should a client bring any of these items, they will, at our discretion, be kept secure
until their departure or shipped to their home at their expense.


It is important that clients advise Watershed of all medications they are currently taking. Include the name of the medication, the dosage and frequency administered, as well as the name of the physician who prescribed the medication.

Please have all medication in the appropriately labeled prescription bottle. If taking medications for HIV, organ rejection, cancer, or other special medications, please bring them to Watershed in the appropriately labelled prescriptions bottle. Remaining medications will be returned through our nominated pharmacy upon discharge.

Controlled substances will be destroyed, except with a written order by a Watershed physician.Staff will manage medication according to Watershed's strict medications policy.

Court Diversion/Legal Business

Court and other legal business will need to be deferred until completion of the program. We do however accept MERIT referrals. Arrangements must be made prior to admission.

Tobacco Use

The policy of Watershed is to not deny a client's entry into treatment because of the use of nicotine, but to address this as an addiction. During assessment, clients will be told of our goal to support them in becoming nicotine-free. However, for those who do smoke, there are certain limited designated areas, outside only, where smoking is permitted.


We are currently reviewing our visitors policy and will update this section when complete.


In order to ensure a therapeutic environment, clients are encouraged to make weekly phone calls only. Upon admission, clients are allowed to call (under supervision) a significant other person to notify them of their safe arrival.

Clients are encouraged to correspond with your family.

Mail should be sent to the following address:

  • Client Name
    c/o Watershed
    PO Box 25
    Berkeley NSW 2506

Watershed acknowledges the traditional custodians of country and their continuing connection to land, culture and community. We pay our respects to elders past, present and future.

Watershed holds accreditation with the Australian Council on Health Care Standards (ACHS).

Formerly: Wollongong Crisis Centre

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