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Drug Information

Medications should be used as prescribed by a doctor and only by the person for whom they are prescribed. It is safer not to use illegal drugs. For those who choose to use illegal drugs, the following should be remembered:

  • As using illegal drugs can have harmful and unpredictable effects, a person may find themselves in a dangerous situation. If noticeably affected, they should not be left alone.
  • If you suspect bad effects, call an ambulance immediately. Don't delay, you could save a life. The ambulance officers are there to help you. Be sure to describe what drug the person has taken. If the person is unconscious and you know first aid, place them in the recovery position and ensure the airway is clear. If they have stopped breathing, provide Expired Air Resuscitation (EAR). The police are not required to attend unless a death has occurred or the ambulance officers are threatened.

It is safer not to inject drugs. If someone does inject, they should always use clean equipment (syringe, swab, tourniquet, spoon, glass, filter and sterile water) and should not share equipment. FitpacksĀ®, which contain clean syringes are available from:

  • most pharmacies;
  • some regional hospitals, health centres and nursing posts; and
  • needle and syringe exchange programs.


  • Used injecting equipment should be disposed of responsibly e.g. disposing used equipment into a sharp safe container.
  • Don't drive or operate machinery. These activities can be dangerous while under the influence of drugs.
  • If drugs like ecstasy are being used, keep cool while dancing or doing other physical activities. Take regular breaks and wear light, absorbent clothing. Beware of hats as they trap body heat. Drink water, but regulate intake so that not too much is consumed.

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