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For many of our clients, part of the recovery process includes detoxification. Because each person experiences detox differently, we pay close attention to our client's individual needs in order to make the process as smooth and comfortable as possible. Watershed assesses each client based on medical history, drug of choice, length of use and mental status in order to determine the most appropriate care.

Detox helps recovering addicts get free of the physiological dependencies that underlie substance abuse, thus preparing them to face the emotional and psychological rigors of the treatment process.

Detox at Watershed succeeds because we’re good at it, and because we care about it. Our programs employ a unique range of medical therapies, all of them evidence based & tailored to particular forms of addiction.

A detox program can only succeed to the extent that it helps the body recover from the physical dependencies associated with addiction in a safe, supportive environment. Physical drug and/or alcohol addiction results in the user needing drugs to sustain normal daily functioning, so detoxification works by weaning the body off of alcohol and/or drugs and associated chemicals, thus allowing for the restoration of normal physical function. At Watershed, our detoxification programs aim to make detox as fast and gentle as possible, so as to better prepare addicts to face the challenges that lie ahead.

The Watershed Withdrawal Management program can last five to ten days, depending on what drug from which the client is detoxing and includes a social and medical assessment, an early intervention plan, an individually suited withdrawal regime (medicated and non-medicated as required by the client) as well as a supportive individual and group counselling.

Clients are supported though their detox stage and provided with 24 hour care.

It’s important to note that detox is the beginning of the drug rehab process, not the end. As important as the detox program is to long-term recovery, the time spent in detox is at best a precursor to everything that follows it. To that end, Watershed aims to integrate detox as intimately as possible into our drug rehabilitation programs, thus allowing our clients to build on the momentum gained from the detox experiences in pursuing more comprehensive addiction treatment.

Addiction recovery never comes easy. But make no mistake, the effort is worth it.


Treatment at Watershed turns lives around. To recover is to rediscover the world and your true self....and recovery starts with detox.


Make the choice to take the first step towards recovery and detox at Watershed.


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