Introducing Lives Lived Well

On October 1st 2020, Watershed merged with Lives Lived Well in a move aimed at joining with a like-minded organisation so that we can continue to provide high-quality tailored services aimed at empowering positive change in people’s lives.

Lives Lived Well provides alcohol and other drug and mental health support across Queensland and Western New South Wales. They aim to take a holistic, compassionate and evidence-informed harm minimisation approach to help people live their lives well.

Who we are

Understanding the complexities of alcohol and drug use in our community, Watershed is a leading treatment and education service that offer individuals and their loved ones a holistic and effective approach to actively motivate and foster the required mental, emotional and physical strength to overcome the effects of a dependency and bring about both a positive and permanent behavioural change.

Watershed provides our clients with a comfortable and safe treatment experience. We provide education and tools to support clients in their ongoing recovery.

We believe in our programs, and more importantly, we believe in our clients. Deciding to begin treatment takes an admirable amount of strength, courage and determination that people without addictions might not fully understand. At Watershed, we do understand.
That is just one reason our clients trust our qualified staff to help them sustain that effort and guide them through their alcohol and drug treatment successfully.

Over 5000 people, from all walks of life have successfully completed our residential rehabilitation and continuing care programs.

Our Vision: We enrich our communities through advancing positive change

Our Mission: We turn lives around through the provision of treatment, education and ongoing support

Turning Lives Around

Our Goal

Our goal is to empower our clients with the tools and knowledge necessary to bring about a positive change so that they that they can overcome their substance dependency and fully engage in healthy, productive lives.

We are committed to assisting those with drug and alcohol issues to:

  • Realise a sense of self-worth.
  • Nurture positive living skills.
  • Make permanent behavioural change.
  • Find a more productive way of living and help them take their place as valuable members of society.

This is achieved by addressing the addictive behavior, as well as the underlying, core issues. By promoting activities that encourage accountability, honesty and integrity, healthy new habits are created.

What we believe

We believe in our clients’ inner strength and ability to change.

Our Values

Respect: Valuing diversity and showing respect for individuals in all interactions without judgment.
Excellence: Demonstrating excellence in the provision of client care and support and delivering evidence based treatment and education services.
Integrity: Maintaining and promoting social, ethical and organisational standards in all actions and decisions for the protection of clients and the community as a whole.
Collaboration: Working in partnership with others to provide quality treatment and education to the community.
Honesty: Demonstrating courage and being forthright in both challenging and addressing counter productive behaviours and decisions.

Meeting Unique Needs

Sometimes individuals who suffer from mental illness develop dependence on chemical substances as well—in these cases, treatment must address the underlying medical issue as well as the addiction.

Mental illnesses can cause depression, anxiety, mood swings and other issues from which a person seeks relief. When people find temporary emotional relief through drugs &/or alcohol, addiction can set in. In our program, clients requiring medical and/or psychiatric attention can also be linked with the specialist services they may need to assist in their ongoing recovery.

Our Approach to Treatment

Our approach is evidence based, holistic and client centred.

Watershed has a long history of involvement, and ongoing participation and communication with researchers and other relevant agencies with regards to research into AOD treatment modalities.

We pride ourselves on providing clients with up to date, evidence-based treatments that are in line with current thinking and understanding of psychology and addiction research. For this reason a range of treatment modalities are used and the client is empowered to set their own goals for their time in the program and beyond.

Rather than just focusing on negative behaviour and deficits, Watershed’s programs allow the client to decide what is best for themselves once they are clear headed and in a safe and nurturing environment. Our workers assist clients to recognise their strengths, and to use the skills that they have used to manage their lives in addiction to plan and prepare for an addiction free future.

Our holistic treatment philosophy emphasizes three stages of recovery

  1. Withdrawal Management (Detox).
  2. Rehabilitation.
  3. Continuing Care.

Once an initial consultation has taken place, the client either goes on to a withdrawal management process, if necessary, or into our customized residential rehabilitation program. A primary caseworker is assigned who manages the client’s care during the entire course of their treatment, ensuring that the client’s needs are being met and tailoring treatment to their circumstances.

Watershed’s Quality Accredited and structured program is focused on evidence based practice with a primary emphasis on healing through the provision of recovery education, group and individual therapies, and supportive peer group interactions.

We also recognise that recovery is a process that will continue beyond the treatment program. To this end, Watershed provides an ongoing set of continuing care services as additional tools and support throughout a client’s early recovery process.

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Our Staff

At Watershed we use a team approach to ensure that all clients receive a comprehensive, in-depth treatment experience. Each client works with a select group of caring and highly trained staff during the course of his or her treatment with a goal to achieve maximum results.

Years of experience and a commitment to ongoing training have shaped our team’s thorough understanding of the challenges, accomplishments and needs of clients undergoing drug &/or alcohol recovery.

Clients instantly sense our staff’s genuine concern and dedication to their recovery. Our belief in every client’s ability to succeed means a lot to them and their loved ones.

We are always available and listen to our clients and their families, we help clients to stop drug &/or alcohol misuse and form new and healthy ways to handle life’s ups and downs.

Everyone on the team takes pride in the success of our clients and the many ways Watershed benefits their lives.

Our History

Watershed (formerly the Wollongong Crisis Centre) was established in 1978 by a group of concerned community members and Alcohol and other Drugs (A&OD) workers, who had identified an innovative way to help drug dependant members of the community, find a more productive way of living. From the humble beginning of the first drug detoxification and rehabilitation service in the Illawarra, Watershed has evolved into a widely recognised, respected and professional organisation.

In 1996 Watershed became the first residential detoxification and rehabilitation service to achieve National Accreditation, measured against CHASP standards, for the provision of a quality service and has maintained accreditation ever since. Through the years the organisation has proven a demonstrated ability to survive the early days of its evolution, the ever-changing trends in the alcohol and drug field and to stay abreast of current cutting-edge initiatives.

Watershed remains a non-profit organisation governed by a volunteer Community Board of Directors and is primarily funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing and the NSW Ministry of health.

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Watershed provides a comfortable and safe treatment experience. Our approach and the effectiveness of our recovery programs are widely recognised as one of the best in the country.

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