Watershed and Carinya Testimonials

I really appreciate the support Watershed has given me. I have become stronger by reaching out for help.
Hi…I was there a few years ago. I just wanted to let you know that I have been clean for almost ten years now. I have got a trade now and work for myself part time I’ve bought a house and drive the car I always dreamed of. None of this would have been possible without you guys pointing me in the right direction. Thank you. You have given me a second chance at life.
163 days clean and sober!!! To all the staff at Watershed…….. thank you for all the support and guidance, you have helped me to turn my life around!
To all the Watershed staff… the work you do is for a great purpose….to help us out of the pit and show us something better… i will do my upmost best to use these new skills in my new life
To the staff at Watershed… Thanks for opening my eyes and saving my soul
I am very grateful to have been accepted to live at Carinya. It has afforded me the opportunities to change my life and work on my personal growth. I have set and achieved goals necessary to keep me going forward in my recovery and life.

Turning Lives Around

Day Program Testimonials

Watershed Day Program and staff are excellent. Always there for support, counselling and advice
Fantastic Program!
Everything is explained very clearly and if we don’t understand anything all we have to do is ask and staff explain until it is properly understood
Staff are absolutely beautiful and professional
The program has kept me centred as I gain time on my sobriety
Staff are wonderful and supportive. They are all gorgeous people. Staff always listened and offered safe opportunities to deal with problems

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Watershed provides a comfortable and safe treatment experience. Our approach and the effectiveness of our recovery programs are widely recognised as one of the best in the country.

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